Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh, the Shame of it all...

I almost didn't write anything. But that would just make things worse. I've basically promised myself I will write about my food/fat/weight stuff every day, and I would be even more upset with myself if I broke that promise. So, yeah, um, I ate myself into oblivion today. Well, that may be an overstatement, but suffice it to say that although I did start out well, with fresh blueberries and yogurt for breakfast, it was downhill from there: pizza for lunch, my remaining kimchee stew from yesterday as a mid-afternoon snack, and McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries for dinner. Blech. I feel gross now. But, I did go to the gym after work, and weighed myself like I said I would. That nasty little digital scale said 309.6 pounds. Now, I am not really surprised, and yet some little wishfully thinking part of my brain had hoped that I was maybe just slightly under 300 lbs, like maybe 299.5 lbs or something. And for many normal people, weighing more than they want to is motivation to eat less and exercise more, but not for me. It was depressing and discouraging and made it harder to eat healthy foods instead of junk. However, I did manage to use the stationary bike for 10 minutes. I could barely force myself to do it, but somehow the fact that I could sit while exercising made it bearable. I even saw another woman at my gym knitting while using a stationary bike. Yeah, it's not so strenuous or anything, but it counts as moving my body!

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