Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bikes not bon-bons

I keep seeing people riding bikes. It looks like fun, and I remember feeling carefree and almost as if I could fly the last time I rode a bike, which was over 2 years ago (and many pounds lighter). I think I would simply feel awkward and unwieldy if I tried to hop on one of mine these days. I actually own two bikes, and they are just sitting around sadly mourning their loss of motion. I need to lose enough weight that, by next spring and summer, I can enjoy bikes and beaches. This means I need to get more serious, and eschew more ice cream, candy, and calzones. Speaking of which, I had a bacon, onion, and mushroom calzone for dinner, and it made me feel heavy and overfull, even though I gave a piece of it to my roommate, a few tiny pieces to her dog, and even threw away part of it. Still, I need to remind myself how much cleaner and lighter I feel after a dinner with more veggies and less fat. Tomorrow I will not eat anything without asking myself, "How will this make me feel after I am finished consuming it?"

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